Top 7 Health Benefits Of Fishing

fishing in Myrtle BeachListed below are seven of the main reasons why fishing is good for your health. Whether you are new to fishing or an experienced match angler, fishing is a good way to improve your physical and mental well-being.

Helps Keep You Fit

You are giving your body’s main muscle groups, lungs, and heart a good work out by going fishing. Picking out a fishing spot that is a 15-minute walk from your car is a good form of aerobic exercise. However, setting up, casting off, as well as winding in lots of small fish requires a bit of strength. Let alone a few of the huge pike or carp that you might find. It gives your back, arms, shoulders, legs, and core a great active workout. Myrtle Beach fishing gives you a whole body workout without having to go to the gym.

Increases Your Vitamin D

Even if the skies are gray – which they usually are – being outside the house means your body will get its much-needed dose of natural Vitamin D. It helps regulate the levels of phosphate and calcium in your body and helps keep your teeth and bones healthy. It also boosts your immune system and can also help decrease your risk of suffering from depression.

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Tips For Becoming A Better Fishing Charter Client

fishing charterIt does not matter where you are headed, you have to understand that there is a certain etiquette in the world of fishing charter. If you are left unaware, you might encounter some easily avoidable blunders that can affect your fishing trip negatively. Regardless of where you are booking your next fishing excursion, the tips provided below will help you become a better client and have an enjoyable fishing trip.

Make A Good First Impression

If you want to make sure that you start your day right, don’t forget to ask your captain if you can come aboard. Keep in mind that the boat is their livelihood, office, and where they spend most of their time, so can bet that it is very dear to them. Even if you know that they’re waiting for you and are ready to give you a warm welcome, asking for permission to come aboard is one good way of getting into the captain’s good side and one of the best ways to show them respect.

Absolutely No Bananas On The Boat

This reminder is no joke. Most captains of Myrtle Beach fishing charters do not allow bananas on the boat. There are several theories as to where this belief came from. Even if you don’t believe it, there’s nothing wrong if you don’t bring any right? If you do and the boat encounters mechanical failures or what not, you can bet that you and your banana will be blamed for it.

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Fishing Charter Tips For Beginners

fishing charter tripAre you ready to book a fishing charter trip in Myrtle Beach? If you are new to this, here are some tips to help make sure that you have a truly wonderful and enjoyable experience.

Pick A Reputable and Experienced Captain

Let your captain know that this is your first time to go on a fishing charter trip. The captain and his crew will make sure that you enjoy the best fishing trip possible. Additionally, don’t forget to tip them after your trip. About 15 to 20 percent tip sounds good. Also, you need to listen to them as well. You will go on fishing with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable group of people and their primary objective is to make sure that you have a fun and safe fishing experience.

Are you scared of getting seasick?

There is no way to predict this because everybody is different. In case you would rather not take any chances, you always have the option to buy an over the counter drug to prevent your motion sickness. However, make sure that you do not get one that comes with a non-drowsy formula. You should also take this medicine before your Myrtle Beach fishing charter trip. In case you opt to go without it and begin to feel seasick, what you can do is keep your head up and fix your eyes on the horizon. You should watch something steady at a distance so your brain can ignore the swaying message that your body is sending to your brain.

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How To Tip Your Fishing Guide and Staff

Myrtle Beach fishingIf you want to have the best day out in the water, you need to hire a professional fishing guide. They possess the knowledge, equipment, skill, and know the local history that can help make your day on the lake or river the best it can be. So, what happens next once you are about to end your fishing trip? You prepare yourself to part ways with the fishing guide who helped you out, gave you great advice to get your offering in the correct spot in the current seam, prepared an amazing shore lunch, and took the best photo of you and your huge catch. Well, that’s correct! You take your wallet out and give them something for their effort.

You reward good service with a tip, may it be for a service industry worker who did his or her job efficiently with a smile or a fishing guide who went above and beyond to make sure that your needs are met and you had a wonderful Myrtle Beach fishing trip. The best service could be the preparation to make your day on the water the best one possible or to fix a situation if certain things have gone wrong. But we also know that these people earn a meager wage and in several instances, your tips help them pay their bills. In the United States, consumers are used to tipping.

Tip Your Guide Like You Tip Your Server

Everyone knows that a part of dining in a restaurant is tipping the server once you are done with your meal. A few will give a twenty to the hostess who has gone out of her way to get them a better table. When traveling, there are those who are used to tipping the skycap in the airport for some assistance in having their luggage brought to the check-in counter, or perhaps the concierge who assistance when it comes to making a dinner reservation. As a matter of fact, it is almost always expected in several circles. However, several anglers think that tipping their fishing guide once their day of fishing ends only as an afterthought. Keep in mind that fishing guides usually depend on tips as a part of their earnings and many of them count on getting something.

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Ideal Times To Fish in Freshwater and Saltwater

Fishing Myrtle BeachIf you are new to fishing, you might hear experienced fishermen say that the ideal time to go fishing is determined by several factors. These time period can be connected to the quantity of sunshine, to warming patterns, to the depth at which fish are discovered, to storm and weather patterns. Even the wind, and tidal circulations when saltwater fishing is also a concern.

Hence, the best time to fish is also in conjunction with the location. A lot of hot days throughout the summer season can negatively impact fishing in shallow lakes, ponds, and rivers considering that the increased water temperature levels can decrease oxygen in the water and trigger the fish to end up being slow.

Weather Patterns to Watch Out For When Fishing

The direction of the wind

Success in fishing depends largely on the direction of the wind. This is because the wind presses bait to the coast, where the bait then is followed by the big game fish.

If you are fishing from the shore on a windy day, fish where you need to cast in the direction of the wind. If doing it from a boat, cast with the wind on a protected coast.

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How To Plan The Best Deep Sea Fishing Trip Of Your Life

deep sea fishing Myrtle BeachA deep sea fishing charter in Myrtle Beach is much more than just a saltwater fishing adventure. It is the perfect time to forge lifelong relationships between family, friends, acquaintances, and even people you don’t know. The water, sand, and sky create a perfect scene to create unforgettable memories that are sure to develop and encourage groups to view life through the ocean’s eyes.

When you go on a fishing trip, you have to set the setting for those wonderful memories that ensure that you remember your fishing adventure at reunions, gatherings, and even at the dining table for years to come. Even when you are just searching for something exciting to do during your vacation, you will experience much more than just a typical day of fishing, and you as well as the others you are with will be able to catch more fish. Who doesn’t want memories of your father encouraging his kids to cast out the fishing line, and reel in one of the many blessings in life, a groom fishing together with his lovely bride, and those fun competitions that let one person in a group stand out thanks to his fishing methods and humility? These are only a few of the life lessons that will bring you and those you are with together as a group. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Through fishing, you will be able to see life a lot clearer than before.

It does not matter if your objective is to create memories with friends and family, experience something new and exciting, find yourself, or just find out what you will catch during your deep sea fishing trip. You will find something that suits your needs with Captain Ricky Long’s Fishing Service. If you want your trip to be the best deep sea fishing adventure of your life, don’t forget to check out the planning tips provided below.

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Family Fishing Charters In Myrtle Beach

family fishing tripPerhaps you want to know what a family fishing charter is and if it is guaranteed that you will enjoy a quality fishing trip if you go with Captain Ricky Long’s Fishing Service. Family fishing has a lot to do with the quality of service that you will get, instead of the make up or age of your group. However, there are several clients whose groups consist of up to their third generation family members. Captain Ricky Long’s Fishing Service offers family fishing charters that accommodate people of all ages and those who are new or experienced when it comes to fishing.

Our team is made up of professional fishing guides and we always treat our clients with respect. We do not expect our clients to know the intricacies of fishing and we try to answer all questions the best way we can. Our task is to serve all our clients by providing them with a fishing charter trip that is unique and unforgettable. We are a fishing charter service in Myrtle Beach that encourages our clients to bring anybody during their fishing trip regardless of their age, even kids as young as 4 years old. Gone are the days when families have to leave someone behind. We are patient, laid back, and gentle especially with kids and first timers. With our fishing guides, you do not need to worry about hearing language or comments that are considered as offensive. In case you take your children with you, there’s no need for you to worry about them especially since they will be on the boat for several hours. Your kids will do just fine most of the time. In case they feel sleepy, they can take a nap. Our primary goal is to make sure that everyone in your family will have fun during the fishing trip.

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Advantages Of Fishing For Kids

fishingIf you have been going fishing for the most part of your life, there is a big possibility that you have forgotten what attracted you to it in the first place. You may not even realize the many advantages that you have enjoyed because of it. Fishing is not just a great way to pass the time. It can also assist you in learning valuable skills, boost your appreciation of the environment, enhance your overall wellbeing, and make you smile. Introducing this hobby to a child will be fun especially if you think about the many benefits of fishing for children. Provided below are a few ones you need to know.

Appreciate Nature –  How often do children today go outside to get fresh air and have fun with the great outdoors? Not often as they should and we can all agree to that. So get your boots, use some sunscreen, and go outside. Spending a couple of hours in nature will make you appreciate the beauty of the natural environment and it would also need some exercise, too.

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Tips For Booking A Fishing Charter

fishing charterA tropical vacation will never be complete without a fishing trip. If you decide to go to the ocean, the way to do it is by booking a fishing charter. If you are looking for the perfect way to spend your time on the water without the need to worry about mooring your own boat, the cost of fuel, and finding the fish, then fishing charters should be on top of your list. You will have countless options when choosing the best charter for you. Visit the local dock and you will see at least a dozen captains in just a matter of minutes. Because of the innumerable choices, you might find choosing a charter a bit tricky and downright confusing. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the most important things you need to take into account when you are booking a fishing charter.

The Type Of Fishing

Are you interested in going on an inshore trip, offshore, reef, or perhaps night fishing? Your decision about which fishing charter to choose will be greatly influenced by the type of fishing that you are interested in. Don’t forget to inquire about the fishing opportunities that the charter has to offer and be sure to mention the kind of fishing that you would love to do. You definitely do not want to be in a tuna charter if what you really wanted is to do is to catch bonefish.

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Benefits Of A Fishing Charter

fishing charterOne of the best ways to enjoy a holiday is going on a fishing trip. If you want to have a good fishing trip, you should have a fishing charter that comes with a fishing crew and the needed equipment and tools you will need for your fishing trip. Going fishing by yourself can be very tiring and that is why the best alternative is to obtain the professional services of a fishing charter like Captain Ricky Long’s Fishing Service. Various fishing trip options are offered based on your personal preferences and needs. In case you have a big family, you may want to obtain a sizable charter that can accommodate all your family members.

Why Consider A Fishing Charter

Guidance – there’s no need for you to experiment with your fishing skills if you get a fishing charter, which has a crew that can guide you throughout your fishing trip. The fishing crew will give you the chance to learn new things during your trip. They will teach you a lot of interesting things you never knew before. Keep in mind that fishing is all about experiencing new things and learning new skills. Additionally, a fishing charter crew is experienced and skilled, which means you will learn a lot from them.

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