Group Fishing Charters In Longs

We’re a coast guard approved vessel providing a unique charter fishing experience. We provide 1/2 day charters and 3/4 day and gulf stream charters for the more seasoned fisherman. We provide shark fishing, bottom fishing, and trolling in Longs. Aboard with Captain Ricky you’ll get the luxuries of a charter boat. Let our mate be at your service if you want to go on Group Fishing Charters. We provide fish cleaning, help with coolers, packing fish for travel, etc. We’re located at Cricket Cove Marina in Little River, South Carolina. Our PROMISE to you is that Captain Ricky will give 100% during your fishing charter.

Captain Ricky Long comes from a family of fisherman. His father, Lawrence Long, started charter fishing in Little River South Carolina during the 1930’s. He passed along his knowledge to Ricky and his other sons.

Born and raised in Little River, little Ricky began to generate income cleaning fish at the tender age of 5. He then worked his way up to a mate on a boat and received his masters license and became a Captain.

Ricky carried on the family’s business as a charter boat captain. He has owned and operated Captain Ricky Charter Fishing and offered services like Group Fishing Charters for over 30 years. He prides himself in excellent customer service and making each patron happy.

He knows the waterway and ocean around Little River like the back of his hand, and having spent his entire life fishing the local waters, he knows where all the fish are, too.

Captain Ricky aims to make your fishing trip the most enjoyable charter you’ve ever been on in Longs. He may work you hard and tell you to drop your line, wind up your line… but you will see he is making certain you get your money’s worth and trying to help you catch the big one!

If you’re considering going charter fishing, call Ricky Long of Captain Ricky Long’s Fishing Service now.

Ricky Long

Captain Ricky Long’s Fishing Service

4495 Baker St

Little River, SC 29566

(843) 249-1889