charter fishingYou’ve finally booked a trip and you are so excited for a vacation of a lifetime. You’ve picked out a fantastic, fully equipped, and reputable fishing charter, and you are ready to land the fish you’ve always wanted to catch. Your plane is scheduled to leave tomorrow and you just can’t wait. However, there’s one small problem. You haven’t packed your things yet and you have no clue what you need to bring. To help you with that, here’s a simple guide of what you need to bring when you go charter fishing.


Regardless of where you are heading, it is crucial to bring a lot of layers if you plan to go out and explore the open water. Even destinations with the warmest weather may experience large temperature drops offshore. In case you are scheduled to leave the dock at around 5:30 am, don’t rely on the sun to keep you warm. Also, you won’t have that much shade out there so you have to be sure you can take off the outer layers of your clothing when necessary.

Windbreaker – protects you from spray and keeps you warm especially if you are leaving the dock early in the morning

Shorts – are ideal if you are set for a tropical destination. If not, bringing long pants is recommended

Lightweight shirt – Protect your shoulders and arms from sunburn by wearing shirts. Linen should be your top choice if you want to keep the heat away from your skin.

Light colored clothes – great at reflecting the sun to keep you feeling cool even during hot weather

Gloves – protects your hands from line cuts, sunburn, and bad weather

Non-skid rubber-soled shoes – the top choice is sneakers. Avoid using flip flops

Weather Protection

In case you plan to go to a tropical destination, you may have already thought about bringing a sunblock. But hey, the sun sometimes shines in Scotland! You do not want to pick between hiding inside the cabin and not be able to join the fishing action and having a bronzing with your skin feeling that it has been rubbed down with a glass. Not having any shade along with the reflective glare of the ocean can make you feel unsafe and uncomfortable when you are not protected. Additionally, conditions may very easily when you are out at sea and unanticipated downpours can easily make a fishing charter into a horrible nightmare for anglers who are not prepared.

Sunscreen – bring one that protects you from UVA and UVB rays

Lip balm – prevents your lips from becoming chapped out on the water

Hat – those with brims give you shade and lowers your risk of sunstroke

Polarized sunglasses – cuts through the glare on the ocean so you will have a good look at your target fish

Waterproof jacket and rain pants – you need these items especially if the water suddenly becomes bad once you are in the open sea


If you are going on a charter fishing trip abroad, foreign pharmacies can be daunting especially if part of the problem is that there is a language barrier.  Meanwhile, if you are abroad, you cannot rely on being able to find the exact medicines that you are used to buying when you are at home. It is safer, easier, and more convenient for you to bring the medical supplies you need when you go on a trip.

Seasick medications – in case you have issues with seasickness, be sure to stock up of your needed medications like Bonine and Dramamine, which you need to take several hours before the trip. You should also avoid mixing anti-nausea medications with coffee and don’t drink too much on the night before the trip.

Bug spray – this is a must-have whenever you are traveling. Keep in mind that there will always be bugs in places where there is water so you need to be prepared.

Small first aid kit – be sure to bring band-aids as well as an antiseptic cream. Although this should be part of the first aid kit in the boat, it is much easier if everyone has brought their own first aid kit.

Hand sanitizer – you don’t want to eat your sandwich when your hands are covered with fish slime, right?


Just like when you are going on a Myrtle Beach charter fishing trip, you have to bring with you a variety of containers and bags when you are on a charter fishing trip abroad. This allows you to bring your things on board without having to worry that they will be damaged by sea spray and salt.

Backpack – Serious anglers are recommended to use a specialist fishing backpack. But you can always bring any sturdy bag.

Collapsible cooler – keeps your food and drinks while you are on board

Drinking bottle – keeps your energy drink or water to keep you hydrated

Waterproof bag – ideal for storing your electronic items and other important documents like your fishing license

Other Essentials

Camera – a smartphone or a camera will let you document your trophy catch. Think about buying a chest harness to record the fight without having to drop the rod so you can use the controls.

Hand towel – you need to have lots of towels especially since fishing can be really messy.

Swimsuit – who knows, you might want to take a dip or maybe go snorkeling

Serious anglers need to bring their favorite rod and reel.

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