Myrtle Beach Deep Sea FishingMany people may ask, what exactly is deep sea fishing? For those who are unfamiliar with this activity, sea fishing is a kind of fishing activity that calls for deep waters and normally happens far from the land. According to deep sea fishermen, water should be at least 30 meters deep to be considered a deep sea fishing region. This activity is also called big game fishing, sports fishing or even offshore boat fishing by other fishing enthusiasts.

Some people may compare it to the typical fishing activity, but it is totally different. Deep sea fishing is when you head out on a boat or watercraft into the deep water where a pool of fish awaits you such as sharks, marlin, tuna and even swordfish, among others. These kinds of fish cannot be seen near the shore as they need open and deep water to feed.

A Closer Look at the Grand Strand Deep Sea Fishing

 To explain a typical deep sea fishing expedition in the Grand Strand, you have Captain Ricky Long, who will take you on an unforgettable fishing trip with your family and friends. He comes from a family of fishermen in South Carolina, where his father started out the fishing charter way back in the 1930s.

What you could expect from this deep sea fishing adventure is to discover whales, dolphins, and mackerel, when you set out and ride the boat. For bait, you will generally use mackerel, which you could capture or acquire before going out in the deep sea.

Deep sea fishing for shark can be a fun experience, as well. But Captain Ricky Long and his crew always remind guests to put nature first above all. The key here is conservation and a reminder not to over fish.  

Guide to Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

Be attune with nature

A person who has been into deep sea fishing has already developed instincts and always look into signs that a novice may not see at once. As an example, if you see birds like gulls floating over a specific location, that could be a great indicator that there are smaller sized fish in that specific location, which may suggest that bigger fish will be in the area too.

Watch out for dolphins when you fish for tuna

When you spot dolphins swimming, it means that tuna might be nearby. These two usually school together. But be careful though, dolphins should be kept safe and make sure you do not capture one.

Fish near a coral reef

There are lots of smaller fish that survive on the coral reef, so the huge fish go there to feed. This could be a prospective place to catch big game fishes.

Be wary of nausea

Nausea is a crucial aspect to think about if you are a beginner who has never participated in a deep sea fishing adventure. The objective of the journey is intended to be fun and enjoyable. However, if your experience nausea, the experience may be different. So try to take medication to reduce a few of the signs.

Travel with experienced anglers

It is advisable to travel with experienced deep sea fishermen when it is your first time. This is because they have enough experience to know the best place to fish and to perform safety precautions just in case. When you head out on a deep sea fishing experience for the first time, it is better to call Captain Ricky Long to give you an outstanding tour of the Grand Strand.

Captain Ricky also knows the best spots to fish in Myrtle Beach, call now to have an unforgettable deep sea fishing experience!

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