Myrtle Beach SC Deep Sea FishingLong time fishermen already know the best times to catch a fish, what season, and even the best time of the day to fish. But for newbies, this may be a little complicated to understand. There are many variables to consider, so here is a two-part guide that helps you understand the best times to fish before your go on a deep sea fishing charter.

Variables to Consider on the Best Time to Fish

  1. Know about the water’s temperature

For fish in ponds, shallow lakes and rivers, too hot summer days can make them sluggish, which also occurs in the winter season. Why? This is because, fish are cold-blooded which means they cannot maintain a fixed body temperature unlike us, humans. Thus, they depend on their external environment to regulate it for them. Extreme tide temperature (really high or really low) can minimize the quantity of oxygen in the water, making fish less energetic and fussy.

This is why you need to know the water’s temperature level before going on a deep sea fishing charter with your group of friends or family. Fish are harder to catch when it’s too hot or too cold, so be sure to know this simple biology to help you identify what type of bait to use, as well.

  1. Fishing in the early morning or in mid-day
  • Fish favor the morning as well as the evening sun over the mid-day sun. Early morning sunlight warms up the shallows, which provide comfortable water temperature levels for fish to feed. This is specifically applicable throughout the early springtime in shallows with dark or mud bases because of the dark location absorb heat a little quicker compared to sandy bases.
  • When it comes to using bait, warm water makes fish bait more energetic and readily available to game fish on early-spring days. To remain comfortable during warmer days, fish move to deeper and colder water. The high-heat condition makes fishing bait and top water lures more manageable only in the morning and late afternoon. This is because cooler temperature and less light allow fish to travel the shallow water for food.
  • During mid-day, different variables such as warm water, less oxygen in the water and occasional winds can trigger the fish to move to the deeper part of the water. This condition is best for deep sea fishing.

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