deep sea fishingIf it is your first time to go deep sea fishing, then Shark Men or Deadliest Catch may probably be your sole reference point. But for those who are already considered as “regulars,” they know that part of the appeal of going fishing in the ocean compared to freshwater fishing is that you don’t know what you’re going to catch. In most cases, a day on the water is far more relaxing compared to what you used to see on TV shows. So before you go, we’ve provided a list of things you need to expect for this type of outdoor adventure.

Find a place where you can store your gear the moment you get on the boat. Avoid the temptation to drop whatever it is that you have with you on the deck. This area is almost always wet plus, the other anglers as well as the crew needs all the space they can get and that means you cannot just leave your things anywhere you want. Once that’s done, don’t forget to sign in on the manifest of the ship. Get to know the crew. If they ask you if you want a bag for your fish, be sure to answer yes. It only costs about $1 to $2. You will also be given a bag number, which you need to memorize. If you manage to catch a fish later, a deckhand will take the fish off the hook and ask you for the number of the bag where they’ll put it in. They will also ask if you want to join the jackpot which normally cost between $5 and $10 per individual to enter. You will win the jackpot if you catch the big fish. Seasoned anglers often catch more fish. But you can get lucky, too. Who knows, you might just get that one big fish. Every person that joins the jackpot needs to have their own bag. Don’t worry if you are renting a tackle because you will get it later on.

If the boat is underway, you will hear the captain speak over the intercom or come out on the deck. Listen to whatever it is he’s saying. He will inform you about the safety equipment and where they are stored, teach you how to rig up, and discuss your expectations during your trip. If you missed anything or if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask the captain or a crew member. If you are on a one-day fishing trip or less, you will be riding at least 30 minutes before you reach the fishing grounds. During this period, a deckhand is going to prepare the rental gear and offer a brief orientation on how to properly use it. Listen carefully. Different rules may apply to different boats and you will understand this once you go deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach regularly. The crew simply wants you to have fun and catch a fish. If you want to have a memorable experience, you need to listen carefully and act accordingly.

Stay calm once you arrive on the fishing grounds. Look for an open spot on the rail. Since the boat is still settling into its current position, you need to wait for the captain to give the green light for dropping the line. If you are impatient and you drop the line early without the captain’s go signal, you will get tangled up or you have to reel in and then reset. You can bait your hook early if the bait you’ll be using is a squid. If it is live fish like anchovies or sardines, you need to be all set to fish before you get it from the hand well. You want the target fish to bite your bait and that is why your bait needs to be lively. If you decide to bait your hook early, you’ll have a dying bait, which is unattractive to any target fish. If you are using squid when fishing, whether live or dead, there is no need to change your bait up until it is gone. If the bait your using is live fish, feel if it is still wiggling at the end of your line. You need to reel in and put on a new and live bait if the previous one is already inactive.

Once your fishing trip is done and you are on your way back home, a deckhand will let you know that it is time to weigh in for the jackpot. In case you entered, have your biggest catch weighed in. The jackpot weigh is very exciting as you will see what the others managed to catch during your trip. So bring out your camera and take pictures. If the weigh-in is finished the crew will begin cutting fish. It is highly recommended to allow the crew to cut your fish, which costs only $1 per fish or more if you caught a really big one. You can also choose how you want your fish to be cut.   When they’re done, you’ll be heading home with fresh fish that’s all set to cook and eat.

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