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fishing charterIt does not matter where you are headed, you have to understand that there is a certain etiquette in the world of fishing charter. If you are left unaware, you might encounter some easily avoidable blunders that can affect your fishing trip negatively. Regardless of where you are booking your next fishing excursion, the tips provided below will help you become a better client and have an enjoyable fishing trip.

Make A Good First Impression

If you want to make sure that you start your day right, don’t forget to ask your captain if you can come aboard. Keep in mind that the boat is their livelihood, office, and where they spend most of their time, so can bet that it is very dear to them. Even if you know that they’re waiting for you and are ready to give you a warm welcome, asking for permission to come aboard is one good way of getting into the captain’s good side and one of the best ways to show them respect.

Absolutely No Bananas On The Boat

This reminder is no joke. Most captains of Myrtle Beach fishing charters do not allow bananas on the boat. There are several theories as to where this belief came from. Even if you don’t believe it, there’s nothing wrong if you don’t bring any right? If you do and the boat encounters mechanical failures or what not, you can bet that you and your banana will be blamed for it.

Let The Captain Know What You Want

Talk to your captain and let him know what you are looking for. Fishing captains including the one from Captain Ricky Long’s Fishing Service are very skilled when it comes to reading fish behavior, water conditions, and the weather. But they do not know how to read your mind. So, if you don’t let them know what you want, they will not be able to help you get what you want. Communicating your desires to the captain before the actual trip is paramount to a successful fishing charter trip. These desires may include fishing methods you want to try or do and other special requests.

Remember That You Are Fishing Not Catching

It is good to be prepared and have a game plan set. However, there are some anglers who show up with a list of species they want to catch on their fishing charter trip. To make things worse, they believe that once they managed to catch the first one on the list, they can easily move on to the others. Keep in mind that you are after wild animals who reside in large bodies of water, which means it will be very difficult to predict their moves. Captains will do their best to help you get the fish you want but it is best to keep an open mind. Remember that you are going fishing, not grocery shopping.

Don’t Throw Your Trash Overboard

This is common sense but there are still some who do this. Throwing your trash overboard is not only bad for the environment but also disrespectful to the captain and his crew. So, find the garbage can and throw your trash properly.

Fill The Tip Jar

If you have enjoyed your fishing charter experience, you can do more than just saying thank you. You can tip your fishing crew, instead. About 10% to 15% is standard but you can also give more like 20% if you think the crew went the extra mile to give you an unforgettable experience.

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